What the heck is a floof?


I have these baby-fine hairs, just above my forehead, that never cooperate. Almost every day I wake up to find them sticking straight out of my head - like something from 90's Farrelly Brother's movie but sub the red dress for pizza themed pajamas and "hair gel" for no hair products whatsoever. 

This is basically how every morning goes (in my head):

Brain: (looking in the mirror) "You could just take a shower and re-wash your hair."

Inner Monologue: "But you just took a shower last night and you're not supposed to wash your hair that often. It will definitely break off immediately. I read that somewhere."

Me: "I have to do something with it. It's vertical."

Left Brain: "You could try Water + Hairspray. I know last time you slicked it back 45 times and it didn't work, but if you try 46 this time..."

Right Brain: "What if put on that cool headband you've had in the drawer for 8 years and never worn in public! It's paisley and doesn't match any of your clothes, but it's so ARTSY!"

Inner Monologue: "You cannot go out like this. It's embarrassing us."

Brain: "Who is 'us'!?"

Right Brain: "OMG. You could, like, braid it into a crown on top of your head and it would look sooo bohemian! Just watch this 5 min YouTube video and then spend 8 years perfecting your braiding technique. It will be perfect. "

Left Brain: "Better just slick it back. The Robert Plant look is back in now, right?"

Inner Monologue: "Cut it off. Right now. It's the only way."

Me: "!?*?%$#!, I'm late..."

One morning these hairs were particularly loud and proud. I looked at my boyfriend (now husband!) and said, "Ugh - what are these!?" He looked me (with the love and adoration he always looks at me with - *groan*) and said, "It's your floof!"

Since then, the floof has become a thing of legend in our house. Some days it's big. Some days it's small. Some days it pokes me in the eye while I'm trying to do yard work. But every morning - there it is. The floof. In all it's glory. 

So why on earth would I decide to name my business after something so annoying?

Because I also love the floof.

The floof is a reminder that life is messy, annoying, and full of suffering. The more you try to control life - tame it, slick it back and make it do what you want it to, the more it will resist. 

Instead, you take this silly, annoying part of life and you give it a cute name. (Or maybe your husband does...) You acknowledge it's existence and then remember that a floof is a floof - but a human is a human. This particular floof just happens to be attached to one heck of a human. A passionate, talented, smart, dedicated person who wants to help others reach their highest potential. 

Floof's don't change the world, humans do. 

So this is Floof. It's a silly few hairs on my head, but it's also a place to grow, learn, collaborate, share, build, change, trust, make, and do. It is a place to turn the messy, annoying, sometimes painful parts of our life into something to look forward to every morning. It is a reminder that the next time you, or I, think, "Can I make this happen? Can I reach my full potential? Can I accomplish this goal/dream? Will I let this one, silly, little thing hold me back from this day?" - Think Floof.

- Robin (aka Floofero Uno) -